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Kakul Eco provides an online studio space to women entrepreneurs to exhibit and sell your eco-friendly products at a reasonable annual subscription. It provides a fully integrated delivery and payments platform to launch your products into market. Kakul Eco drives leads to its marketplace and orders are received by you directly, dispatched and serviced directly.

Subscription Plans –
  1. Basic allows the community member to add upto 10 products to different product categories and use the link on their social media handles for promotions.

    • Basic (Monthly): ₹ 1000/- per month
    • Basic (Annual): ₹ 10000/- per annum

  2. Pro allows the community member to set up her own online studio page with upto 20 eco-friendly products.

    • Pro (Monthly): ₹ 1500/- per month
    • Pro (Annual): ₹ 15000/- per annum

  3. Ninja allows the community member to sell upto 20 products Online as well as Offline through combined exhibitions and store shelves in Eco-friendly Marketplaces. Once a month presence in featured products.

    • Ninja (Monthly): ₹ 2500/- per month
    • Ninja (Annual): ₹ 25000/- per month

You can join our amazing women entrepreneurs community by signing up:
  • As a Vendor
  • As a Self-Help Group
  • As a Product Designer
  • As an Influencer
  • As a Volunteer
  • As an Intern

Become a Seller


You know that you have made a guilt-free purchase and your gifts will be appreciated during their entire life cycle. In addition to your support to the planet and its people, we will contribute a part of the profits to our direct beneficiaries as given below.

When you purchase eco-friendly products in bulk as an organization:
  • 40% of our profits will proceed towards developing a new eco-friendly product cluster and we will acknowledge your contribution and invite you to visit the natives in near future,
  • 10% of our profits will proceed towards supporting cancer care patients and their families by way of donating eco-friendly products they will need while at the hospital;
  • Your organization will fulfill their obligations towards the planet and its people and you can report this while filing BRR. Most of our work is being done for women in the J&K and the North East India.

When you purchase eco-friendly products in bulk as an individual:
  • We will send organic seed pods to women farmers in our clusters on your behalf so that they can grow and sell organic;
  • Invite you to interact with women in our eco-friendly clusters and join them in a community meal;
  • 10% of profits will be contributed towards cancer care patients during their stay at the hospital.

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