Stories of Infinite Strength

The initiative to provide access to authentic products was undertaken by Kakul Rizvi in 2018, a seasoned MarCom professional who succumbed to Blood Cancer in 2019. At least 10% of profits proceed towards supporting cancer patients during their hospital stay and 40% of profits will proceed towards developing new eco-friendly and organic food clusters with women entrepreneurs to ensure healthy lifestyle and avoid recurrence of the deadly disease.

Kakul Rizvi

Kakul is a Persian word that means the front flick of your hair or ‘Julf ‘, ‘Balon ki Latt’ in Hindi, and has been often used in Urdu and Persian poetry.

As the story goes when I was born there was very little hair on my head and my mother in the hope that I would soon get some hair, named me Kakul.

~ Kakul Rizvi

Kakul was a MarCom Honcho, a dear friend, and a great associate to work with. She was a fighter and full of love, life & laughter. Kakul never gave up on her disease and fought with Blood Cancer until her last breath. This platform is dedicated to our dearest "Kakul" who made everyone's lives beautiful. She always recited two couplets from two very famous poets that gave her the inspiration during her life:

Tu aur araishey khamey Kakul

Main aur andeshaye door daraz

~ Mirza Ghalib

Suna hai raat se badh kar hain kakulein uski

Suna hai sham ko saye guzar ke dekhtey hain