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Promoting "ECO- FRIENDLY", "HANDMADE" Art & Craft as a way to sustainability

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Conscious Lifestyle to Conserve Mother Earth

Producing minimal waste- taking the "GREEN PATHWAY"

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Why Choose Us

When you buy from Kakul Eco, we promise to deliver pure and authentic products.


All our raw materials and ready-to-use products come from regions which are naturally organic at source. Our Blockchain enabled platform allows source tracking.

Fast & Easy

Your order is processed directly by the vendor, who is facilitated by our delivery partners making it fast and highly convenient platform. This also reduces our Carbon Footprints.

High Quality

We believe in quality of products which are sourced from our community of women entrepreneurs, artisans and farmers. All products come with a 100% return policy.

Free Shipping

When you buy a product at Kakul Eco, we take care of its shipping. For bulk orders, the vendor will get in touch with you regarding delivery options.

Customer Support

We are here for our customers. Kakul Eco is a women-owned, women-operated platform which provides round the clock customer support.

Made with Love

Our love for our products is infectious. We pass it on to you in your order so that you can pass it on to the one you shall gift. Kakul Eco products spread Warmth and Cheer!


Kakul.Market has unique range of eco-friendly corporate gifting solutions. In February 2020, prior to lockdown, I was lucky enough to receive "Plantable Calendar". What a unique idea of having a compact month-wise calendar on your desk and then plant the biodegradable calendar leaf after the month is over. The process of watching the plants grow with this concept is amazing. Customized Jute Diary along with biodegradable pen and pencil has become my companion in lockdown time helping me to reflect, grow, and give back to nature and society.
Nehal Thakkar, Mumbai
I can now buy and gift without any guilt of harming the environment!
Sandeep Behl, New Delhi