Why Purchase From Women Entrepreneurs

women empowerment.jpeg

Though the Public procurement norms in India have a mandatory requirement of purchasing 3% from women businesses, this isn’t only about women empowerment.

Numerous studies across the World have validated that women build ethical value chains; they source ethically, develop businesses ethically, support communities, their credit default rates are under 2% and it is imperative to provide them with growth opportunities.

However, women are still under-represented in entrepreneurship and business. While the number of women registered as Directors is high but they do not directly manage those businesses. KAKUL is also an opportunity to bring many of those women forward who spend most of their productive time in free labor at farms, managing households, children and adult-care.

When women attain financial autonomy, they are able to contribute to their households, pay for better child education as well as improve general family well-being. When you purchase products from KAKUL, 40% of its profits will proceed to the Association of Women in Business to educate and enable many more women entrepreneurs across the nation.