Why Purchase Eco-Friendly Products

Any product artificially synthesized using petroleum products or distorting the chemical structure of the natural product when it is manufactured, used, and disposed of but cannot be converted to another form of energy tends to become a waste. This waste is a major pollutant of land, soil, and water bodies on earth.

KAKUL sources eco-friendly products that minimalize waste and follow the principles of the Circular economy rather than the linear economy.

Circular economy.png

Almost 80% of our products and packaging are re-usable through their entire lifecycle, thus moving high in waste hierarchy. These products let you purchase without guilt and offers an elegant gifting solution. More so, all these products are sourced from women-owned, women-designed, women-managed businesses and you can trust that you are receiving what you are paying for…

KAKUL products achieve at least 8/17 SDGs and lead towards partial fulfillment of: