Seed bombs are made using appropriate proposition of soil, compost and native seeds, so the seeds stay dormant and grows healthy when the watered.



  • Set of 5 Seed Bombs are plantable biodegradable balls  confined in recycled papermache.
  • Individually handmade in interesting shapes  and packed with a curated variety of both annual and perennial   seeds.
  • The sky's the limit when it comes to the creative possibilities of these seed bombs.
  • Seed-infused plantable bundles that will inspire you to create, share and plant.
  • Gift for kids seed bombs make a fun and beautiful mindful gift ! Kids love them, too, as they're easier to   handle than little individual seeds!
  • Children to Inspire Safe Play and Fun time Making it a Perfect Birthday or Return Gift
  • Eco Friendly Plantable Birthday Return Gift great way to teach your children the importance of nature & life cycle of plant.



  • Poke seed bombs into moist soil leaving the tops uncovered.
  • For best results: Find a sunny area. If planting outside. Gently rake the area to loosen the soil.
  • They can also be planted in a pot indoors. Place the seed ball on soil and push down so seed ball is half sunk in the soil.
  • This will provide a good area for roots establish in soil.
  • Water area to keep soil completely moistened during germination (approximately the first 3-7 days) , then sprinkle water as needed.
  • Send some colorful love to the bees, butterflies, patio with this fun of colorful seed bombs! Beautiful and beneficial !


  • Seed balls are approximately 1" in diameter. Since they are hand made- sizes may vary.
  • Shelf Life: best if planted within 2-3 years
  • Four Seed Variants available seed bomb : Indian Basil (tulsi) , Sunflower , Dianthus, Marigold
  • This one's a eco-DIY idea because it's totally do-able, easy to procure and gives you the satisfaction as well. 


Seed Bombs (Set of 5)


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